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WhishlistOn the forum you will quite often read that I put some feature or bug on the wishlist. But how do you know as a user which items are on the list?

Until now you could not see my wishlist. But I have now made the list public. So from now on you can see what’s on the list and which things have already been reported.

For the different tools there is some priority defined with different versions. But I have to warn you that I don’t follow these very well, when implementing features I jump around based on the priority of the day.

6 thoughts on “The wishlist

  1. pierrot says:

    feature request:
    when making a thumbnail, one can choose the snapshot angle (with main window camera position gizmo) – since sometimes the interesting side of an object is not facing MCX’ default view axis

    • arno says:

      Let me check that, you mean you want to set the angle in the main preview and use that for the screenshot?

  2. pierrot says:

    feature request:
    MCX can’t export DAE

  3. pierrot says:

    Yes Arno.

    Sometimes when one make an object (everytime for me, I must have a problem using maw or Sketchup with common sense axis orientation) one end up with a MDL which is turning its back to MCX default camera and thus when creting a thumbnail one get a non-representative illustration of the model (il all its glory). 😉

    Having the possibility to choose a camera angle before snap shooting a thumb would be useful (at least for disaxed perverts like me). For individual thumbs or batches.

  4. pierrot says:

    maw=Gmax, I’m dyslexic too

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