Cell attributes and some other changes

Now that the stable release of scenProc is out, I can finally put some changes I have been working on in the past weeks in the development release. So here is a quick update of the things that I have added today:

  • The CamelCase step names I talked about before have been introduced. There is an option in the options to use UPPERCASE if you like that more.
  • Gridcells can now also have attributes. Before only features could have attributes, but cells can now also. These are now used to filter which cells should be assigned a texture or height settings. Obviously you also need steps then to add these cell attributes, three options are available now: AddCellAttribute, AddCellAttributeFeatureCount, AddCellAttributeIfInside. Hopefully the names speak for themselves, and else check the help tooltip.
  • You can compare two attributes in a filter now. Before you could only say attr>10, but now you can also say attr1>attr2.
  • And probably some other small changes I have forgotten about now…

Especially the changes in the second bullet can mean that you old script doesn’t work as before anymore. So be careful to check your script when updating to this release.

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