time_travelThe last year has been very busy, with the moving to a new house, the renovation of that house and the birth of our second child. But even now that things have become a bit more normal again, I still notice that I have much less time than before.

A few weeks ago our oldest child was staying with my parents for a few days, and suddenly we noticed how much easier it was with only one child at home. There was suddenly a lot more time in the evenings to spend on hobbies and other things.

So it’s just a fact that I’m quite short on time for my flightsim hobbies most of the time. In a typical week I can sit down 2 or 3 times behind my FS development PC for maybe an hour or so (that’s the amount of time I would spend on the hobby per evening before). Luckily I can read the forums from my smartphone as well.

So quite often I think fixing this bug or adding this feature shouldn’t be that much work, I’ll have it done in a few days. But when it’s finally done a month has passed again most of the time. So development is going a bit slower than I would want sometimes and there isn’t always the time to work on the ideas I have in my mind.

Let me be clear, I’m not complaining about this situation. Because I do also enjoy the new activities that I now (have to) do in the time I could spend on flightsim before. It’s great fun to spend time with the children and see how they develop. I just wanted to share this with you, so that you understand better why things sometimes go a bit slower. And hopefully when the children are a bit older, there will be more hobby time again…

4 thoughts on “Time

  1. Ian Wright says:

    Arno – don’t beat yourself up about this. Remember it’s just a hobby – admittedly a fascinating and fun one with, as you’ve shown so many of us, many dimensions to explore. Like so many hobbies it has a tendency to devour more and more time. Don’t let it and don’t feel bad about it. You have your priorities right – family first, Kids don’t stay kids for long! Enjoy them while you can,

    • arno says:

      I know I shouldn’t feel bad, the children are loads of fun as well. But sometimes it’s annoying to have hundreds of cool ideas in your head and no time to try them out 🙂

  2. Martin says:

    Hi Arno,
    first of all, thanx for your great software and tools.
    Yeah, i can very understand your situation, as i went through the same. Actually still going through it even though the kids are 10 and 14 now 🙂 My sw development went to zero since 2005/2006.

    Just don’t stress yourself, family is prio 1, work is prio 2, then comes the rest.

    Have a nice day…

  3. arjo volkers says:

    Hello Arno,

    Looking for solutions to add lantern( lights) in the Netherlands I landed (!) on this page.
    A family, your regular work and still, you do so much for the FS community.
    I agree with Martin and Ian, above.
    Just wanted to express my admiration for your competence.


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