Reading aircraft.cfg files

I have added a new feature to ModelConverterX, besides the MDL format, you can now also read the aircraft.cfg file. Each of the models defined in the CFG file will then be read into the tool. And the liveries are based on the settings in the CFG file. This will give more accurate liveries than before in MCX.

When reading a MDL file directly, ModelConverterX will try to see if there is a matching aircraft.cfg file to read the liveries from as well. If that’s not found, no liveries can be chosen.

Besides the liveries you can also visualise the different points that can be defined in the aircraft.cfg file, like lights, exits or contact points. This should be helpful to see if they are at the right location compared to the model. You can’t edit these points in ModelConverterX.

The video tutorial below shows the new feature in action. I hope this is a useful addition for those that do a lot of work with aircraft models.

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