Aircraft.cfg editor

In the next development release ModelConverterX will contain a new aircraft.cfg editor as well. This is an enhanced text editor that is linked to the 3D preview. This should make it easier to modify lights, contact points or exits for example. Because while you type the coordinates of the points they are updated directly in the 3D preview. The video tutorial below illustrates how the new editor works.

6 thoughts on “Aircraft.cfg editor

  1. Juan says:

    First, infinite thanks for your work. MCX is the greatest tool to LEARN how to make an FSX plane (excluding modelling… but modellling is the easy part ;o)). My message is to warn you that yesterday downloaded last version and Panda Antivirus blocked it as a virus. Not sure if its a false positive or a virus is lurking into your machine without your knowledge. Thumbs up for your work. Bye.

  2. kianoush says:

    Why does the new update no longer support Aircrft.cfg? I wanted to edit some door functions but I do not see the option to even open the CFG file? Please fix this issue as this is very important to me and I’m sure many more!

  3. Ron Prindle says:

    I don’t see the Aircraft CFG icon either, version dated 2012.

  4. Darryl Zuber says:

    I would like to add engine start up smoke to a FSX C-74 model also I would like to be able to see the tips of the spinning prop .

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