ImportGDAL and projections

Until now the scenProc ImportGDAL step required that the imagery you are reading was in WGS84 projection already. I have now changed this and other projections are also supported. If the imagery is not in WGS84 it will be reprojected by scenProc internally. This should make it even easier to run the feature detection feature on the imagery you have, as many sources don’t provide the imagery in WGS84 projection. So it should save quite some pre-processing of your data.

scenProc will try to automatically detect the projection that is used in your imagery. In most cases that works fine, if this doesn’t work out you can manually provide the projection as an additional argument to the ImportGDAL step.

There is one little catch, the internal reprojection is done in memory. So if you are already short on memory for your scenProc script, it might be better to still reproject your imagery manually. But from the tests I have done until now this shouldn’t be needed too often.

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