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I have updated to a different build server today. I won’t bother you with all the technical details, but this means that I use different software now to create the development releases of my tools automatically at night. For you as a user nothing changes, all download links stay they same. It’s only the build software in the background that I have updated. From my tests it seemed the migration went fine, but if you notice anything weird with the development release in the next day’s let me know. 

2 thoughts on “Build server update

  1. J. Bradshaw says:

    Hey I came across your website in an extensive search for a program to convert a particular set of .mdl files to some format I can use, preferably a .obj. I wanted to convert them to use in another game. As far as I can tell they are .mdl from CFS2. I have been unable to convert them successfully. I was wondering if you can help or instruct me how to do so. I would be very willing to pay for your assistance.

    • arno says:


      Did you try with my ModelConverterX tool? It can read most MDL files, although I must add that CFS2 MDL files have been tested less (not so many developers use these).

      Also please be aware of the copyright of the models. In most cases you need permission from the author to use the models in another game.


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