ImportAGN and autogen distortion

It’s two years ago already that we figured out that Annotator does not display the orientation of autogen as FS does. There is a distortion in the angle of the objects. So since this was figured out scenProc applies a correction to the orientation to make sure everything aligns correctly with the world.

But what if you use the ImportAGN step to load autogen into scenProc? If you load the autogen as autogen objects scenProc just keeps them in memory (so that you can add new autogen objects) and saves them again if you use ExportAGN. So in that case the distortion correction is no problem, it will just be preserved.

But if you use the option in ImportAGN to create features from the autogen then you will have an issue. When creating features scenProc will convert the autogen from the autogen coordinates to geodetic coordinates again. Until now the correction for the autogen distortion was not included in those calculations, which would give an error. So I have now updated scenProc to correctly “uncorrect” the distortion correction.

If you are creating features from autogen not made with scenProc (so autogen that doesn’t have the correction), you can add the  NOINVERSEDISTORTION option to the ImportAGN step to not apply the “uncorrection”.

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