GUID selection context menu

In scenProc the code completion will help you to select the right GUIDs for your vegetation or buidlings. But if you are not sure what the name of the class is or if you want to add multiple guids for random placement, that’s not always the easiest way.

So I have now added a context menu to these GUID attributes and selecting it will give you a GUI like shown below where you can easily select the GUID you want from the list. Just check the checkbox and the GUID will be added to your script.


One thought on “GUID selection context menu

  1. Milan says:

    Hi Arno,

    I am coming back after a while with the aim to update the autogen I created in mid-2015 and I see scenProc is developing nicely. That is great. I am looking forward to check the new features.

    Thanks for the work! I still do not understand where you take the time to do all the activities for the community (, all the tools here…).


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