Prepar3D v4 MDL support

In my previous post about Prepar3D v4 support of my tools I mentioned that the MDL format didn’t seem to contain many changes. On further investigation it turned out that there are a number of changes and new sections in the MDL format. These are related to the following new functionalities:

  • Support for a second set of UV coordinates, including the material attributes to specify which texture uses which set.
  • New material attributes, mainly for the detail map and heatmap.
  • Support for material scripts.

The development release has been updated to be able to write all these new features as well. In the material editor you will find a Prepar3D v4 specific section with all attributes that are only for Prepar3D v4.

Given these changes, you will find the Prepar3D v4 MDL and Prepar3D v4 BGL as a specific export format in the save dialogue now. In the options you will also have to set the path to the Prepar3D v4 XtoMdl and Bglcomp. If your SDK is installed correctly these tools should be detected automatically by the way.

3 thoughts on “Prepar3D v4 MDL support

  1. George Nedeff says:

    Does this mean the scenery I built in pre V4 will not work and I have to recompile bgl and models or it will work sans bulleted features?

    • arno says:

      No, older bgl files still work due to the backwards compatibility. Only when you want to use the new material features you need to recompile.


  2. yordy saavedra says:

    quizás puedas tener un espacio donde su muestre la correcta configuracion de MCX con P3DV4 es decir un pantallazo de la configuración De MCX… a mi no me reconoce automáticamente el MCX el SDK de mi P3DV4 y no se como como configurar mi MCX para que reconozca el BGL MDL y no se como configurar el exportado de texturas y demás cosas quizás alguien me pueda ayudar por favor

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