Mouse rectangle mess

Image result for mouse cord knotModelConverterX can read and write the mouse rectangles of virtual cockpit MDL files for quite a while already. But this week I fixed some annoying bug in that code. These bugs must have been there for quite a long time already. Now and then some issues with mouse rectangles were reported on the forum, but it was always hard to reproduce them since they typically show up in complex virtual cockpit models that are hard to debug. But with some good tips for forum users I was able to reproduce the problem in a simple object this week and that made solving the bugs a lot easier. So if you grab the latest development release now, you will not have problems with mouse rectangles suddenly getting other tooltips or that kind of bugs. This should make it more safe to edit virtual cockpit files with ModelConverterX.

What kind of bugs did I fix? First there was an issue that the mouse rectangle definitions were not always found correctly in the modeldef.xml file, so unnecessary extra definitions were made for that. This was caused by a bug in the implementation of the Copy tag in the modeldef.xml file.

Secondly the tooltips got mixed up on export sometimes. This was only the case for the custom mouse rectangle definitions that ModelConverterX made, so with the first bug solved this is less common already. But I found out that I wrote some elements wrong to the XML file, so that is also fixed now.

Just let me know if you find any more issues, as I’m not an aircraft development by origin, I’m less familiar with these aspects of MDL files.

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