X-Plane OBJ exporter

I have added an exporter for a new format to ModelConverterX, you can now also export to the X-Plane OBJ format. Importing this format was supported for quite a while already and now I have finally added the export as well. The following aspects are supported by the exporter:

  • Textures (diffuse and nightmap)
  • Levels of detail

Because the X-Plane format only allows one texture per object, MCX will output multiple files if your object uses multiple textures. I’ll try to add support for additional material related attributes soon. I think there are some settings that can be mapped from the FS material settings.

Animations are not yet supported, with the options available in the OBJ file it is hard to express all aspects of the animation that MCX knows. The X-Plane OBJ format does not support transformation matrices.

2 thoughts on “X-Plane OBJ exporter

  1. Lennart Arvidsson says:

    “I’ll try to add support for additional material related attributes soon.”
    YES YES YES do !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. harry250 says:

    hi great work on the latest update for exporting xplane obj

    Im currently trying to convert a fsx carrier to replace xplanes 11 default carrier

    all the parts are there but also I will have to glue them back together again
    ( as they had separate textures accociated with each object ) that you said xplance can only handle one texture per object

    I got the main carrier shape obj part converted ok and it loads and shows in xplane replacing the nimtz default carrier


    how do I make it a solid object during the export process

    at the moment it got no wall clipping so the aircraft fall throught the deck with no solid crash detection

    thanks from harry

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