New steps to place points

The next development release of scenProc will include two new steps for placing points: LineToPoint and PolygonToPoint. In the future these steps will replace the existing steps to place points along lines or inside polygons. As i realise some of these steps are used in many of your scripts, I will not deprecate the old ones very soon. But for new scripts I encourage you to use the new steps.

Why did I make this change? There are a couple of reasons:

  • When I add the LineToPolygon and PointToPolygon step a while back, the idea was already to have similar steps for other conversions between feature types. So the new LineToPoint and PolygonToPoint steps are in the same philosophy.
  • Until now there were multiple steps to place points along a line or inside a polygon. Each with slightly different characteristics, but also with a lot of overlap. So it is easier to have all this logic in one step.

The manual has been updated to reflect these new steps as well. Both in the description of the steps and in the sample scripts.

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