3D buildings in scenProc

Creating autogen buildings with scenProc is quite easy. But the autogen buildings also do have some drawbacks, mainly the fact that they need to be rectangular. Therefore it has been on the scenProc wishlist for quite a while already to be able to create MDL buildings for footprints that are hard to represent with autogen.

Actually the current scenProc version can already make simple untextured buildings with a simple roof shape. But over the last weeks I have been working on improving this logic and also making sure that textures are mapped realistic on these procedurally generated buildings. The screenshot below shows some work in progress results of that.

There are still some issues that I need to solve, but I hope to provide this update of scenProc in the not to far future. I’ll keep you posted about the progress.

2 thoughts on “3D buildings in scenProc

  1. William McMillan says:

    was wondering where one can find texture files for building on the web. I tried the ones that come with FSX-SE but it keeps crashing the Building Texture creation tool.

    • arno says:

      In general you would make them yourself to match the style you want. But the default textures should not crash the editor, that sounds like a bug. When does it crash?

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