Exporting to MSFS

The latest development release of scenProc does adds initial support for MSFS. Since the release of MSFS I have been waiting to update scenProc as it was not clear to me what purpose the tool would still have. For example the new autogen format is still largely unsupported by the SDK tools, so making autogen for MSFS is not an option. But over time it become clear that placing objects or exclusion rectangles based on GIS data is still useful when working on a scenery of a larger area. Therefore support for MSFS has now been added. If there are other scenery elements that should be supported or if the functionality of the steps should change just post in the forum with your ideas.

So what has been added in the latest version?

  1. With the ExportMSFS step you can write XML and glTF files in the MSFS scenery package structure. This step will create a basic package that you can directly compile with the package tool. Of course you can also choose to copy the XML and glTF files into your existing packages, that just depends on the workflow you prefer.
  2. With the CreateXMLRectangle step you can make MSFS style XML rectangles. These can for example be used to make exclusions. The ExportMSFS step will write these rectangles to XML output.
  3. With the CreateXMLSimObject step you can place an instance of a SimObject at a certain location. This step works like CreateXMLLibObj, but then for SimObjects. The ExportMSFS step will save the generated placement information to XML file again.

The manual has been updated as well, so all new steps are explained in there as well. I hope this addition to scenProc is useful and if there are more suggestions just let me know.

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