64-bit only development releases

With the release of the new stable releases ModelConverterX 1.6 and scenProc 3.1, the development releases have also been updated. The ModelConverterX development release is now version 1.7 and the scenProc development release is now 3.2.

In these new development releases there is a big change directly, they only support 64-bit now. This means you can no longer run them on a 32-bit OS. A recent poll also showed that nobody was using the 32-bit version anymore. Therefore I have decided to simplify the build process and remove the support for the 32-bit version. A factor in that decision was also that I test and develop on 64-bit only, so the 32-bit version of the tools was already tested much less.

With these changes it is recommended that you do a clean install of the new development releases, instead of installing them over an older version.

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