How about some presents from Santa?

Are you all anxiously waiting for you presents from Santa? I am not, as here in the Netherlands Santa is usually called Sinterklaas and already comes at the beginning of December (this is a long story, but actually both are the same. You can read more about it on Wikipedia). But this interesting story is not really the reason of my post.

I do have a week off between Christmas and New Year, so I plan to play for Santa a little bit myself. I want to finish some work I have been doing on my tools. There are some versions that are almost ready for release, expect a few small details. And I hope to iron these out in these few days. Tools that come to my mind here are the docking systems for ActiGate, the updated ObPlacer XML, the Library Creator 1.03 manual, CAT and of course MDL Tweaker II.

Somehow I have the feeling that those few days off might not be enough, but we’ll see…

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