I am sure you all have this problem, where to find the time to realize all the scenery ideas you have. I always seem to have a huge list of ideas for sceneries or tools that I want to test, try, design, etc. This means that I am usually doing many things at the same time, causing none of them to progress as fast as I would like.

I am for example a member of the NL2000 scenery design team. As part of this project that covers a scenery of the entire country, I am mainly developing airport sceneries. Last weekend we had a workshop, where we built some scenery together and shared tips and tricks with each other. This was great fun and gave me some motivation again to work a bit harder on these sceneries.

Another project running at this moment is the MDL Tweaker II tool. I am currently working on implementing the seasonal tweaker part and once that is done I will release a new version. Currently most of the GUI has been implemented, but it is not fully working yet. I hope to be able to finish this part in the coming weeks as well.

The next tool that is on the todo list is ObPlacer XML. There are a few bugfixes and small feature request that I hope to implement in the next version. And as a more long term project there is a new version I would like to make with more functionality. But this might also take a different form as the current ObPlacer, I am still thinking about that.

Other small things I have on my todo list for the coming time are, writing a tutorial about the animation knowledge I gathered last week and to update/write the manuals for the tools discussed above. This writing of manuals costs more time than you would like to spend on them, but on the other hand you need them to tell the users RTFM. When starting the SceneryDesign.org Wiki I had hoped that more users would contribute to the manuals and the tutorials, but until now that has not really happened.

Sometimes I am wondering if I do not have too many ideas for one person to complete. I think I could fill a full-time job with it, but I do not have that much a spare time of course. At least you now know a bit more about all the different projects I am trying to do at the same time. And I hope you can also understand that some new versions of tools get a bit delayed by all this. Oh, and if you feel the need to help with any of this, don’t hesitate to let me know…

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