I had a very productive weekend, as I was visiting my parents and could therefore not be disturbed by forum questions or people chatting with me. I had brought my laptop, so I made some nice progress on MDL Tweaker II.

I finished implementing the code that allows you to add seasonal conditions to your textures (and it should also be able to read that information back from the MDL file the next time you open it). You can find the latest alpha version of MDL Tweaker II on the forum. You will have noticed that I wrote alpha version, so be aware of the bugs that might be hanging around in the code.

In the end it proved to be quick a challenge to make a user interface that was both rather easy to use and flexible enough to allow all kind of conditions on the textures. For example some people might only want a HW and a SU version, others want all seasons or maybe only a night variant. In the end I hope the GUI can suit everybodies wishes.

There is only one thing I am still wondering about. Why can’t we just assign the seasonal textures as a subtexture type, like we can do with the night textures? That would save us a lot of condition code to switch the textures correctly. The fact that the season variable does not match the season of the mesh scenery makes things even more complex. We now have to use the day of the year variable to get the correct textures that match the mesh scenery transitions as well. I really hope that MS will make seasonal textures easier in FsX or else at least provide us with a season variable that is in sync with the mesh scenery.

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