The CAT has grown a bit

Until now CAT was only a tool for users of GMax, but now that FSDS3 is also using MakeMDL it is time to change that. In theory the ASM sources file created by MakeMDL when exporting from FSDS3 should work right away with CAT. But of course the reality is that there are a few minor differences in the structure of the source code. I have now figured out what these differences are and I am patching CAT to understand both “formats” of the ASM file.

So expect an updated version of CAT soon, that will also allow FSDS3 user to use the conditional animations. And besides the changes needed for FSDS3, I also want to implement the IFMSK condition, as this one has been on the to-do list for quite some time already. With the IFMSK condition it will be easier to use CAT together with the ActiGate module.

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