Time for a user manual

Tonight I have been working on MDL Tweaker II again. I have finished the vertex list dialog, that allows you to alter vertices of your object and also provides an option to “normalize” the normal vectors of the vertices. This last option is useful if you want to make objects that do not change color with the direction of the sun, like the autogen trees do.

Each time I finish one of the dialogs, the tool is getting closer to loosing the alpha status. The more recent versions also seem to be rather stable already. Before the first beta version will be released, I still want to implement a dialog to view the BGL command list of the object and also a statistics page. But first I am going to add the functionality to the texture list dialog, that allows you to correct the texture size. This would make my little CorrectTexScale tool obsolete, but integrating it into MDL Tweaker II would be a logical choice of course.

The more closer I am getting to a beta version, the closer I am also getting to writing the user manual for this new tool. Until now I just dropped the alpha versions on the forum and everybody played with it. But a user manual is really needed of course. It would help the novice user to learn more about the capabilities of the tool and also for the experienced user it is useful, as he can then discover all hidden features I have put in. So I really think I should start with creating the user manual in the Wiki soon.

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