A new home for my blog

As you can see my blog has moved to a different server, thanks to Nick for setting this up. At the moment it is rather empty in here, so I guess I need to move the content to this new home as well. So please check back later.

Edit: All posts have been moved to here now. Only the comments seem to be a little hard to move from the old blog, so they are probably lost. All I have to do now is to setup the links, etc and everything is fine again.

Edit2: The links have been added again as well. So it seems the move is done now. If you find anything weird or not working, please let me know.

One thought on “A new home for my blog

  1. NickWhittome says:

    Welcome Arno 🙂 You have given me the excuse to setup the “Flight Simulator MVP” section on this site, hopefully we will get more of us soon…

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