Apron markings preview

A few days ago I posted about the apron markings I was working on and it works out quite nice I must say. For example, the performance has increased compared to the previous markings that were placed with Fs2000 style roads. And due to the way I generate these polygons now, the connection between the different line segments is also better (no gaps anymore).

Below you find two screenshots of these markings, to show you all what I am talking about. This is not yet the final version, as I still need to optimize things like the line width and the visibility range.

9 thoughts on “Apron markings preview

  1. NickWhittome says:

    NICE work Arno.. certainly very impressive!

  2. Hans Palsson says:


    Those pics are quite nice! It would be interesting to have you say a few words on the practical use of your tool, i.e. if it has a graphical user interface, can you import bakground imagery and such.

  3. NickWhittome says:

    Hi Hans… If I know Arno, there is no GUI yet 🙂

    He only does GUI’s when I bitchslap him 😉

  4. arno says:

    Hi Hans,

    Nick is right, at the moment the tool has no GUI. And actually the current tool does not need one either. Let me explain why.

    The tool takes source data (in the DXF or SHP format) and can then process it to create the markings as polygons. The output is thus a SCASM source file, that can be converted into a BGL. As I know the source data I use is at the correct position, I don’t need a GUI to check that, all I need is a tool to make a scenery out of it.

    I should also note that, as with my earlier converters, this one at the moment assumes your data uses the Dutch RD coordinate system. So the current tool is not very useful for other designers.

    But I am seriously considering to use what I am learning now in a new tool (ObPlacer XML 2 or whatever the name with be) that will allow others to use such cool things as well. But I first need to finish this scenery, before I have some time to starting thinking/working on such a tool.

  5. Hans Palsson says:

    Hiya Nick, Arno!

    Well, Nick, you wrote what I thought! 😀 No, seriously, I guess there is really no need for a GUI, considering the procedure described above. But it would be useful indeed, shapefiles are nice in some ways, I see no difficulty in editing existing the material (it´s no problem getting correct outlines for airport asphalt areas). So I´ll be waiting, no rush but now you know that there is someone out there that is interested!

    Back to my fence now…


  6. NickWhittome says:

    There is ALWAYS a need for a GUI… I just need to convince Mr Gerretsen of that…

  7. arno says:

    I think it is time that I try to learn Mr Whittome how to design a GUI himself… 😉

  8. Hans Palsson says:

    Nick, GUIs are for sissys!


    (Please don´t hurt me!)

  9. Shazia says:

    Ahh! What a beautiful things! I’ll definitelycheck this work. I find this is awesome!

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