Back in my computer room

A few weeks ago I wrote my shower leaking a little water and that my
room where I have my computers was in danger of getting a little wet.
So since then my house has been a sort of a mess, with books piled up
all over my living room and bedroom and with the computer standing on
the dinning table.

In the mean time I let the computer room dry up and replaced the
sealant of the shower. But the carpet and the wallpaper did not look
very nice anymore after drying up, so with some help from my father we
replaced these two today.

This means that I can finally move all my stuff back into the room and
have my usual desk again for all my computer/scenery design work. At
the moment I am still putting all my books back, etc. But in a day or
so I should be fully running again (and the dinning table will be
available again to eat from).

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