A slow MDL Tweaker

About a week ago I received a message on the forum that MDL Tweaker crashed on a certain object. After the designer of the object send me his MDL file, I soon figured out why it crashed. This was simply the most complex object I had ever tried to load into MDL Tweaker and a […]

Running a forum

I have been running the SceneryDesign.org forums for about 3 years now and I must say that a lot has changed over these years. When I started the site, I was looking for a place to store the tips and tricks I had on my personal homepage. And I added the forum to see if […]

Back home

I am back home and had a great vacation on Corsica. It is a really nice island to cycle around (although we only saw the northern part of it), with a lot of nice hills and mountains to climb. And every time a fantastic view on the landscape and the sea. So now that I […]