LiveMeeting – part 2

About a week of two ago, Nick and I played a little bit with Microsoft Office LiveMeeting. Back then we saw a potential to use this technique for some online, interactive tutorials as well. So tonight we did another test and this time Thorsten joined in as well to see how well everything worked from the perspective of a normal user.

In the beginning we had some trouble to get all the audio working correctly. For example when using the webclient, it seemed not possible to listen to the broadcasted audio. So it took us some time before we could all three hear each other and see the desktop being shared for the tutorial. But once that was working, we tried different kind of tutorials to see how looked to the other attendees. Like showing doing animations in GMax or using the CAT tool.

In the end it was a really useful session (and also a lot of fun I must say) and we learned some useful things we can use for the real LiveMeeting tutorial as well. One thing we learned is that the GMax screen might be too complex to use for a first LiveMeeting tutorial, so we decided that the first meeting will be about the MDL Tweaker II tool and it is scheduled for Thursday 27th July at 21:00 CET now. So we hope to see you there then.

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