LiveMeeting – part 3

Tonight was the night. We had our first LiveMeeting about scenery design for FS. As a subject for this first meeting we had chosen the MDL Tweaker II tool. Mainly because it is a new and interested tool that we wanted to show more about. And also because it was an easy enough subject for a first meeting.

I think about about 5 people had turned up for this meeting, not a very huge amount, but enough for a first trial. And as things went rather well, we will announce the next meetings more widely so that other designers can join as well. As I said, it went quite well and hopefully the participants have also learned a little more about the MDL Tweaker tool and what it can do for them.

Of course there are always a few things that do not go as planned. The first being that I returned home a little late and had to rush into the meeting. Which of course gave trouble when I had to dial in on the phone for the voice. After that I also discovered a few new bugs while giving a demo of the tool. Not really what you hope for during a demo, but at least it is now clear that the tool is still in a beta phase. And it also had the positive effect that I have already solved a few of these bugs by now.

Based on the feedback of the participants we will be planning a new meeting. Things we have to look at are mainly the communication. I am not sure if the question manager was enough to get really interactive, maybe all participants need to have voice. But in that case you have the risk of them all talking through each other. Well that will be something to think about.

For me it was fun to do this LiveMeeting and show what the tool can do. Hopefully the participants also enjoyed it and I am sure we will be back with more meetings on interesting scenery design subjects. Stay tuned…

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