Has FsX been released?

I guess so, this evening I already had multiple people on MSN complaining to me that the performance is so bad and that they are not happy with how it runs on their PC. Do they expect me to have a magic solution for that? I guess we have to see if this complaining goes […]

My tools in FsX

With the release of FsX coming closer now, I think it is time to give a little bit of information about how my tools will (or will not) work together with this new version. Please note that these observations are based on the beta version, so some things might still change a bit. Library Creator […]

FsWeekend at Lelystad

Next month the FsWeekend will be held again in the Aviodrome aviation museum at Lelystad airport. As usual it should be a great event again. You can find a lot of people using flight simulators there, ranging from cockpit builders to region clubs of people flying together, from scenery designers to online ATC groups. So […]

More MVPs

Yes, I am late. I am sure that by now you have already read that we have some extra Flight Simulator MVPs since a few days. But I still would like to welcome them all: Noel Deyoung Owen Hewitt Norman BlackburnDudley Henriques And it seems Pete Dowson also received the award, but he is not […]

New Wiki launched

Until now the launch of FsDeveloper has been a great success. Nick and I are very happy with the amount of discussion that is already going on. The site has also attracked a lot of well-known names already. So it looks our idea of creating a place where addon developers can have friendly discussions worked. […]