Some normal map tricks

I do promise this will be my last post about normal maps for today, as I finally got them to work as I wanted. Due to the way MS has written their shaders, some special care is needed when constructing your normal map texture. If you just use the plugins that are made for it, […]

Normal map plugin

Hope you are not yet fed up with all my posts about normal maps. The SDK advice us to use the Nvidia Normal Map plugin for PhotoShop to create our normal maps. For those using the GIMP I just found a plugin that offers the same functionality, but then for the GIMP. I just wanted […]

How normal maps work

For those of you that are trying to understand more about the normal mapping (or bump mapping as it is called in the gamepack) that can be used in FsX, have a look at this nice tutorial. It helped me a lot in understand more of the principles behind it. At the moment I am […]

Cool idea to create normal maps

As you might have seen in the forums, I have been playing with bump mapping for scenery objects lately. While I was searching the web for a little more information, that might solve my shading problem as mentioned in the forum, I can across a nice tutorial that shows how you could create a bump […]