Still alive

I know I have not posted that much lately on my blog, but I am still alive. Unfortunately I did not have that much time the last weeks to explore the nice things I want to post about, but that seems to be changing again now.

Last weekend I finished a new build of Library Creator XML 2.0, you can find it in the forums. This version still does not have all the features of version 1.0, but the features it is missing are less important for FsX anyway. You should think about feature like API macro export. I will try to add them back as soon as possible, so that version 2.0 can become the new stable version.

Besides that I have also found some more time to explore the new options of the GMax gamepack. I have been playing with using bump maps, details textures, reflections, etc. Once I have got a clear picture on how to use them, I will probably make a new article on the Wiki to tell you about my findings.

Now that I am talking about the Wiki, I do have another Wiki article in mind, it will be about creating GeoTIFF images for resample. I often see questions about this on forums and I think it would be useful to have a tutorial about this, as having a GeoTIFF images, makes creating your scenery so much easier.

So keep an eye on this blog, as I will post here once I have more interesting findings or once I have added one of those articles.


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