ModelConverterX, now with textures

Remember that ugly picture I posted a few days ago of the API macro I had read into ModelConverterX? Today I did some work to let it also read in the colors and textures used and after that I must say that it already looks a lot more like the museum building it is supposed to be.

But although it looks like a real buildings now, that does not mean that the first alpha version of the tool is almost there. There are still a few things I need to do:

  1. Test with some more API macros and SCASM files, so that I am sure the tool can read the most often used commands.
  2. Make the tool a little more robust, at the moment it still throws too much errors if something unexpected happens. That is fine for development/debugging purposes, but not when other designers will try to use it.
  3. And finally (and most important) I need to write an exporter that allows me to save the read in SCASM object as a MDL object again. Or maybe as a X file to be processed with XtoMDL, I have not decided on that yet.

So for now enjoy the screenshot and I will post again when I have some more progress to report.



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