NL2000 version 3

As you might have read on the internet already, the new version of the [NL2000] scenery has been released. This latest release is for Fs2004 and again covers the entire country, with all its airports. The main difference is that this time the entire country has been filled with 1 meter per pixel photo scenery, hence the big download size of around 22 GB.

Personally I am very happy that this scenery has finally been released. Not because that means that the scenery is ready, but because that means I can now finally spend all my time on FsX. I have not really enjoyed working on a Fs2004 scenery, while FsX had long been released. But as a member of a team, you are not alone in setting the directions of course.

So I have also decided that this was the last NL2000 version I will be building scenery for. From now on I want to concentrate on the [FsDeveloper] community and on new tools and techniques. So I hope to be able to make some new tutorials and tools soon.

This weekend I already started work on the ModelConverterX tool again. Today I hope to make a start with the exporting functionalty, so that I can save my imported API as a FsX MDL object. If the Tour de France does not draw me too much to the television today, I hope to get the basics working.


One thought on “NL2000 version 3

  1. hi Arno,
    I think it’s a very wise decision to stop with the NL2000 scenery and to concentrate on the FSDeveloper community. Thanks for all the things you have done in the past years…

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