FsDeveloper work in progress

As Nick already hinted at in his recent blog post, we have finally started to implement the change to the FsDeveloper website that I already talked about before.

Today I have played with the settings to integrate the wiki and the forums a lot better and I can say that I got it working quite well. This integration means that you can use your forum account now as well to log into the wiki. Besides that the wiki pages are now also integrated into the layout of the forums, which means that it should be a lot easier to navigate around. So the wiki will no longer look completely separate from the rest of the community. Hopefully that will also encourage people to use the wiki more.

There are some other things that we need to check and tweak before these changes will be put online. So at the moment you won’t notice anything different yet at the site. Once everything is ready, we’ll have to get the site down for a few hours to transition it to the updated version we are working on now. Before we do that, we will inform you about when this is going to happen and what you will notice of it of course. As we want to do proper testing, I think it can take about two weeks before we are going to actually do that move. 

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