ObPlacer XML update

I have just released a small update for ObPlacer XML. This new version (0.84) does not have that many changes, but some recent discussions in the community still encouraged me to release it now.

This first change is that it includes a new feature, you can now also place a fuel trigger object. For this object you specify the length and width and then if you park your aircraft inside that “box” it will be refueled again. This trigger code does not produce any visual scenery, but without it your visual model of the fuel area does not work either.

The other changes have to do with FsX. The previous version has some trouble on PCs that only had FsX installed, so I tried to fix these. For example the tool does not also check the registry for FsX, if it can not find Fs2004 installed. And FSUIPC4 is now also recognised as having FSUIPC installed. So this should allow you to use ObPlacer XML with FsX as well.

Of course that does not mean yet that ObPlacer XML makes use of FsX features or changes. You can just use the Fs2004 features in FsX as well now. But new FsX style MDL objects are not yet supported. I have been thinking about a new (and bigger) update to add more FsX features, but that is something for the longer term. I think that update would also be a complete redesign in C#, just like I did with Library Creator XML before. So that will take a while, as the ModelConverterX tool has a higher priority for me at the moment.

I just realized that I forgot to mention the random scale tool in the release notes. As I pointed out in this blog post before, that is also a new feature in ObPlacer XML that comes with the new version that I just released. 

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