Little update from abroad

As you can see I do have internet access while on travel for my work at the moment. Yesterday we arrived on our destination and today we had a sort of free day to rest from the travelling and enjoy the surrounding landscape a bit. So together with my collegue we drove around in the car a bit, we have seen Paris and Montpelier. Mind you, we are not in France, but in the United States. From Salt Lake City we drove north in the direction of Bear Lake and it seemed that in Southern Idaho they also have a Paris, is it only slightly smaller than the well known Paris.

But I am not only writing this blog post to talk about my travelling. Just before I left, I was able to post a new version of ModelConverterX. This new alpha versions solves most of the problems reported before and should hopefully make the tool a little more useful. Of course there are still more then enough features on my todo list, but it should at least allow the conversion of some simple macro objects.

Although I have internet here, I will probably not be able to follow the forums as closely as I can do at home. So don’t expect me to reply as often as normal and I might also not reply to all emails. But at least I can still monitor things a little bit.

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