Bye bye ObPlacer XML, welcome WhisPlacer

With FSX MS shipped a tool that allows you to place objects (and design mission), the Object Placement Tool (OPT). But because the interface is not really easy to use, alternative placement tools have appear, as they also did in FS2004. For FS2004 you had for example Rwy12, EZ-Scenery or ObPlacer XML. Now for FSX we also have Whisplacer or Instant Scenery. Some of these tools are freeware, other are payware, and also the features they contain can differ a bit.

For a while I have been planning to make an updated and improved version of ObPlacer XML for FSX. But when I today checked out the latest version of WhisPlacer I realized that I don’t have to do that anymore. That is because with WhisPlacer there already is a good, freeware tool that allows you to place your scenery objects in an easy way. And not only scenery objects, it also allows you to make Generic Buildings for example, with a preview similar to the one ObPlacer XML has.

And the good news is that you can just load your object library BGL files in it and open the XML file that ObPlacer XML made. After that you can continue your development in WhisPlacer, without having to start completely from scratch. So I would advice everybody looking for a good, freeware replacement for the OPT tool in FSX, to give WhisPlacer a try. And then I did not even mention the best part, it also has the Live Preview functionality of the OPT tool, yippee!

2 thoughts on “Bye bye ObPlacer XML, welcome WhisPlacer

  1. John Ross AKA valleyjohn in VOZ says:

    I have been using Whisplacer for several sceneries and can commend it as a reliable piece of software. It has more functions than payware alternatives such as placing lines of objects and populate polygons with objects. Top rate.

  2. Dave says:

    I just found this. I have absolutely no experience with add-on scenery or object placement. I have FSX, but not the deluxe version, so I don’t have the object placer. I downloaded and ran Whisplacer according to the (extremely limited) instructions, but couldn’t get any of the objects to appear in the game. Specifically, I have idea where to load and save the files in the FSX directory. Everything I’ve found on the internet seems to assumes this step is ready known. Could you break down the initial steps for those of us who are new at this? Thanks!

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