Today I did some more work on the ModelConverterX tool again. There were some complex polygons that were not converted into triangles correctly, so I had to improve the triangulation algorithm. I did make such an algorithm a while ago for another tool, but that one was for 2D polygons only. So I had to […]

SimConnect and CIGI

For some while already I wanted to learn a bit more about SimConnect and this week I found a good reason to do so. I wanted to try if I could connect FSX to CIGI. CIGI stands for Common Image Generator Interface and this is a common way in professional simulations to talk between the […]


What will happen when GMax is no longer there is a favorite topic for discussion on forums for a while already now. One of the alternative modelling programs often mentioned is Blender. Personally I consider that a good alternative as it is open source and seems to have quite a big user base. A little […]

Which version?

 Which version? That is a question often asked on the [FSDeveloper] forums. And usually it is not the the original question, but the first reply because the thread starter did not mention is he is working with FSX or FS98. As we all know the answer might be different based on the FS version used. […]

Good old scanner

This week I have been cleaning my computer room a bit and I came across my old flatbed scanner. You know, such a thing that was used before we had digital cameras to get a photo onto the computer as a digital file. I think I bought this one about 10 years ago, when I […]

ModelConverterX alpha 04

This evening I have uploaded a new alpha version of the ModelConverterX tool. It contains all the new stuff I have already blogged about in the last week or two. So if you are interesting in converting some of your old API macros to a FSX MDL file (or maybe an OpenFlight file), give this […]