OpenFlight exporter for ModelConverterX

I can remove the first item from my “what I would like to do during the Christmas vacation” list. Today I finished the OpenFlight exporter functionality of the ModelConverterX tool. With this functionality it is possible to save the loaded objects in the OpenFlight format that is often used in image generators of professional flight simulators. The object shown in the picture below is an old API macro of a museum that I exported to OpenFlight and then loaded into OpenSceneGraph to visualize it.


The exporter is not yet perfect of course, it only supports static objects at the moment. And also levels of details are not yet supported. But that are things on my wish list and now that the basic functionality is there it is a lot easier to add new things to it.

I have also made progress on improving the SCASM reader in the last days. Especially the part that processing the old SCASM Poly and TexPoly commands has been improved a lot, so that more macros can be read correctly now. There are still some minor problems I need to fix, but I feel I am getting closer to a next alpha version that will be released to the public.

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