Are they listening?

Complaining about the SDKs has been a favourite thing to do among developers for years. With previous versions of FS we always had to wait for ages to get them and of course it never told us what we wanted to know for our project (how could MS forget to include what I needed to know). I am sure you can all remember those good old time.

But that is enough sarcasm for now. With FSX things have improved a lot already, the SDK shipped with the initial release and I think I can say that the quality and usefulness of the documentation has also improved a lot. And things don’t stop there, no it gets even better.

The ACES team wants to know your feedback about the FSX SDK. For that purpose we have created a special subforum at the FSDeveloper site. You can use this forum to tell the ACES team about features you would like to see, about bugs in their current tools (not bugs in your files, really bugs in the tools) or about paint points, thing that are possible with the tool but just hard to do or inconvenient.

 These forums were made on request of some developers of the ACES team, so you can be sure that they will be looking at your suggestions. Of course nobody can promise that they will also implement them all in future SDKs.

3 thoughts on “Are they listening?

  1. John Coady says:

    Remove Fairholt airport from Vermont. It is a golf course and I have never heard of anyone taking off from there.
    Consider slowing down surf. When you fly over a line of surf it rolls in majestically. It’s too fast in the sim IMOP
    Consider making roads as vector objects with a texture that has not only the roadway but frontage and then homes. (as an example).

  2. John Coady says:

    Why not use autogen to place trees at a SPECIFIC place? Simply turn a clone of the houses into tree-like objects and let people make realistic orchards, line streets with trees, etc.

  3. John Coady says:

    How about callouts for assisting in landing heavy jets…I think a voice in the cockpit calling out ten…nine..eight would add some realism

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