Scale it!

Today I made some nice progress again on the ModelConverterX tool. One of the new features I added is the option to scale your object, so that you can get the desired default size when placing your object with the XML code. Below you see a screenshot of the scale dialog. On the right you […]

Tango Desktop Project

Today I was looking around on the web for some icons to use in the ModelConverterX tool. Of course there are a lot of places where you can buy very expensive icons to use in your application, but that was not really what I was looking for. In the end I came across the Tango […]

OpenFlight exporter for ModelConverterX

I can remove the first item from my “what I would like to do during the Christmas vacation” list. Today I finished the OpenFlight exporter functionality of the ModelConverterX tool. With this functionality it is possible to save the loaded objects in the OpenFlight format that is often used in image generators of professional flight […]

Blog theme (changed again)

You might have noticed that over the last days I changed the theme a few times. Yesterday I thought I had found the one I liked most (the white one), but today I found out that it does not list the links to the ohers blogs. So I switch back to another theme again. But […]

Jason leaves ACES

You might already have read this on his blog, but Jason Waskey is leaving the ACES team (and MS as well). This happens more often of course, so why do I blog about it this time? That is because Jason was the first ACES team member that I ever had contact with. A few years […]