Good old scanner

This week I have been cleaning my computer room a bit and I came across my old flatbed scanner. You know, such a thing that was used before we had digital cameras to get a photo onto the computer as a digital file. I think I bought this one about 10 years ago, when I had loads of photos I wanted to scan so I could use them for my scenery design activities. A few years later I got my first digital camera and from that moment on the scanner has mainly been collecting dust.

Now when cleaning the room I came across it again. And as I have not used it for years, I think I will do it away this time, it is just taking up space. But just finding this old piece of hardware reminded me of all the changes in scenery design in those 10 years. Now with digital photography it is some much easier to make good looking textures and photoreal objects. You start wondering how we will make scenery in 10 years from now…

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