ModelConverterX alpha 04

This evening I have uploaded a new alpha version of the ModelConverterX tool. It contains all the new stuff I have already blogged about in the last week or two. So if you are interesting in converting some of your old API macros to a FSX MDL file (or maybe an OpenFlight file), give this latest version a try. And let me know if you have any problems or suggestions, so that I can further improve the tool.

5 thoughts on “ModelConverterX alpha 04

  1. christian says:

    Thanks Arno. I’ll give it a spin soon!

  2. Bonjour,

    I was looking for a tool to convert old API available on many sites, to evntually objects that could be handled by objects placers like Rwy12 or the likes. Is this tool good for this purpose?

    Sorry for the poor english.


  3. arno says:

    Hello ducaroussel,

    Yes, that is exactly what this tool is supposed to do. Converting old API macros to new MDL objects. You can find the latest alpha version in the forums and I hope to start writing on the user manual soon.

  4. Adam-Claude says:

    I have scenery that I’ve created using flight simulator scenery creator which includes flattens. Everything works well in FS9. I noticed certain textures will not show in FSX, and my flattens dont show at all. Could my projects be converted over to work in FSX using your product, or do you have any other suggestions?

  5. arno says:

    Hi Adam-Claude,

    ModelConverterX only converts 3D objects at the moment. So you can use it to convert API object macros into FSX MDL files. But it does nothing with flattens, runways, aprons, etc.

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