Finished the next version at last

In the last days I have been working hard on the next release of ModelConverterX, which I put online today. Every time when I thought I had fixed all bugs, some new problem appeared again. But now things seem to work good enough again. I am happy to get this new version online and I hope all the recently added features will be useful to the users.

I am quite excited that I got features like automatic alpha channel detection, conversion of lines into 3D objects and support of effects into the tool now. They had been on my wishlist for quite a while already.

Another big change is how the textures are handled in the tool. I switch to another library to load them, as the previous one had some trouble with the alpha channels. I have now come back to the graphical DLL files made by Martin Wright. I had used them in another tool before already and it seems when trying to read FS texture this library is just the best choice.

After this release I will relax a little bit, but then the next one is planned already. For version 0.5 (to indicate that the tool is more stable) I mainly plan to make the tool easier to use and clean up some aspects. And I also have a small update of the DrawCallMonitor tool planned. Luckily there are enough challenges left to work on…

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