Back from vacation, but…

I am back from vacation now for almost a week, but today I finally had the time to get up to date with all the posts on the FSDeveloper forum. This was partly because I had to go to Paris on bussiness trip two days this week and also because there were just to many things to catch up with. For example when I got back there were first some spammer problems on the forum that had to be addressed. Luckily it seems we solved that problem for the moment.

While on vacation I did some thinking about a new tool to make the creation of ground polygons easier. It seems that is still a big issue for many users. So I think I will create a tool that can do the ASM tweaks for you and also automatically split up your polygons in smaller pieces so that the curvation of the earth in FSX does not give trouble. I hope to start working on this tool soon. Another feature I have in mind is allowing to split big airports up into several reference points. This is good for the performance and should also reduce the deformation that sometimes appears when the polygons are too far away from the reference point.

And of course I am also still working on the ModelConverterX tool. I want to continue on the new features for version 1.0 soon as well. When I think about all the things I want to do, I almost need a new vacation right away…

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