Back from London

Yesterday I visited the ESP Developers Conference in London and I must say that it was very interesting. Being active for a long time in the FS community already the overviews of the SDKs and the basics of extending ESP did not provide much new things to me. But especially for the panel and gauge […]

FSDeveloper site is down

While the flu kept me in my bed, it seems something else also affected the webserver of the FSDeveloper website. I just noticed it today when I sat behind my computer again and I have informed support about it. So hopefully the site will be running soon again. As this kind of problems seem to […]

Ground polygon tutorial

Making ground polygons with GMax always seems to be a hot issue, especially the fact that you have to use the FS2002 gamepack and apply some tweaks to make things work. So this challenging part of scenery design gets discussed a lot on the forums. But now there is a new tutorial that might help […]

Public transport

First, sorry for this rant, but at the moment I am just to annoyed by it. Since a few moments the public transport company of Amsterdam already decided to make it more difficult for me to get to work. They are renovating some stations, including the one I have to depart from. To make that […]

ESP Developers Conference

I am a bit late, so you might already have read this somewhere else. Microsoft is organising an ESP Developers Conference in both Orlando and London. For more details check the ESP blog. The one in London is at the 19th of November and I am tempted to go there myself as well. At the […]