Looking for input on a new ground polygon tool

For a while I am thinking about a new tool that will help in the creation of ground polygons, for the moment this tool will have the working name of gPoly. I have now setup a forum at FSDeveloper to discuss the requirements for such a tool. So I would like to invite other developers to provide their inputs and thereby help in shaping this new tool. I for example would love to hear what you see as the biggest issues currently while making ground polygons for your scenery and how you would like a tool to ease the process for you. So let me know what you think…

6 thoughts on “Looking for input on a new ground polygon tool

  1. Rory says:

    What I would lke to see is a bit complicated (well, you did ask!!).

    I would like a poly tool that I could draw around on a map and assign a texture or a photo to said drawn shape. It would have to remember the co-ordinates entered etc in say an .ini file for later editing and it would be nice for that tool to build the bgl directly.

    Not much I know!!! hehe.


  2. arno says:

    Thanks for the input Rory, that is appreciated. And the things you describe are not so far off from my ideas at the moment.

  3. Emilios says:

    This would be heaven….truly..The ideal kind of tool for me would have to be as simple as SBuilder….go to your area of interest, draw your polygons on the satellite layer, compile your .bgl. Of course a preview of your textured gpoly would be necessary to see what you are texturing. Hassle-free, and worth even if it is released as payware…

  4. arno says:

    Thanks for the input. I am still working on such a tool, although progress has slowed down a bit recently.

  5. Louis P says:

    Arno, your work has been greatly enjoyed by myself as I work on my personal FSX scenery design. Terrain design has recently been my focus. I am working with both SBuilderX and ADE with great results but seek a tool that allows for terrain design using a mesh. It appears Sketchup does something close but could we get the result into FSX correctly?

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