Drawcall minimzer with night textures

A few weeks ago I introduced the Drawcall minimizer functionality of ModelConverterX. This function can pack the different textures used on your model into bigger texture sheets to reduce the amount of drawcalls. This will result in a better performance in FSX.

One of the main drawbacks of the initial implementation was that only the diffuse textures of the model were packed. I have now finished the code that also packs subtextures, like night textures or bump textures. So that should make it easier to reduce the amount of drawcalls on models that have such textures.

This updated functionality is not yet available in the development release though. It seems to be working on the models I tested until now, but since I made quite some changes to the code to work more efficiently with these subtextures I want to do some more thorough testing to be sure I do not introduce new bugs. So I hope that tomorrow I have finished those tests and this new function will be available.

With this functionality finished, I have implemented all of the features that I planned for the ModelConverterX 1.2 release. There are some minor bugs that I want to fix, but I plan to release another stable version soon. I’ll keep you updated about that as well.

One thought on “Drawcall minimzer with night textures

  1. arno says:

    The changes will be in the development release of tomorrow.

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