gPoly status update #7

It feels like it is a long time ago I wrote a status update about the gPoly tool. And now that I think about it, it is actually a long time ago. But this weekend I have done some work on the tool again. I have mainly focussed on two functionalities:

  • Being able to save your gPoly project file to disk and afterwards loading it back again. This might be some functionality that sounds very basic, but until now I had not coded it. For my tests I just every time drew some polygons manually. I can now save this effort, since I can load back the projects I made before.
  • Being able to export the project to FS in the form of a BGL file. I have got a basic export working now. But the output is not optimized for performance yet and also the slicing up of the polygons as required by FSX for the curvation of the earth is not yet done. At least I have a basis no to work from, when I start adding those features.

I plan to first improve the exporter further, so it writes the kind of code that works in FSX, before I return to the GUI part of gPoly and start polishing the features there. Now most of them have some rough edges left. But that is for another status update.

2 thoughts on “gPoly status update #7

  1. tsgucci says:

    Hello Arno

    It is nice to see your progress regarding this as well. If I understand well you decided to go into the direction where you do not need gmax for gpoly. So we can do everything in gpoly.
    What about the layers? Will it be possible to create layers and change the sequence of the layers?

  2. arno says:

    Hi, gPoly will support both. So you can import work from GMax, but it is not required. Yes the editor will support different layers of polygons that you can order like you wish. Arno

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