Sometimes you have to break some things…

While working on the drawcall minimizer functionality of ModelConverterX recently, I realized that I had to update the way I represent the textures internally in the tool. Try to add minimizer support for night textures and other subtexture types turned out to be must harder than it should be.

So I have now changed this in the ModelConverterX design. But since textures are just an important part of an object, it turned out that I had to modify quite some code (or you could also say that I had broken quite a bit of code). So I am now taking the time to test if everything is still working as it should. In the short term this costs some effort, but I am sure that in the long run this redesign will make it easier for me to add new functions.

Once I have finished the testing, finishing the drawcall minimizer should be a lot easier. I’ll let you know when it is done…

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