Which airport?

Now that I can export some basic polygons from the gPoly tool, I am looking to go one little step further. I am looking for an airport that I can use as a test case to develop the tool further, since there is no better way to find bugs than while actually working with the tool on a project. In the end I will be using the tool for the EHAM Schiphol scenery of NL2000, but that airport is a bit too complex for a test airport.

See this thread on FSDeveloper for a little more background on “my requirements” for the airport. But basically I am looking for an airport that is not too complex and not too simple. And since having imagery available is a must, I am likely to end up in the US with the free USGS data available.

So let me know if you have any suggestions for a nice airport. As a side effect of using it to develop gPoly further I might even finish a scenery of it.

2 thoughts on “Which airport?

  1. boohey says:

    cool cant wait to see this tool,

    quick question

    how do you get past the copyright legalities that you get with using satellite images from say google or microsoft

  2. arno says:

    I do not use images that have copyright on them at the moment, the images I have used until now are from USGS.

    As a reference I would like to show the Google or Bing images later in the tool, but these would then only be used as reference, not to export to the scenery.

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